Northwest School of Karate

About us

Fitness. Discipline. Self-Defense. Self-Respect. Confidence.

“Seek perfection of character, defend the path of truth, endeavor to excel, display courtesy, refrain from violent behavior.”
— Gichin Funakoshi's precepts of karate training

What Karate Teaches

Karate literally means "empty hand" and denotes the classical art of self-defense.  Its emphasis is as much on the mental focus, the "ki", and discipline as it is on the development of great physical prowess.  Karate helps to develop harmony of mind and body.


With the diligent study of karate-do the karate-ka learns the values of citizenship and community involvement.  A principal of studying with the Northwest School of Karate is giving back to the community.


Karate conditioning incorporates both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  While incorporating the entire muscular structure, karate practice and conditioning strengthens the core and improves coordination.

self confidence

Building self-esteem and confidence is immeasurable.  Inner direction and leadership skills naturally result from the study of karate-do. 


Karate, correctly learned is a powerful art of self defense.


Karate is challenging work, both mentally and physically.  It demands that we control the emotions that negatively affect our productivity and interactions with other people.